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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Trusted Resources

I am a Christian. I am a Conservative Christian. I am a Reformed Conservative Christian.

I am also what I would call, "Theologically Lite." No, I don't have half the fat of other Christians. But I do have less discipline than I would like. It is something I'm working on. I want to know more of what God expects of me. I want to soak in His promises and His Words of Life. I also want to be more articulate about my faith than I am. But while I am working on those things, I have some amazing resources that I find very valuable. First, my husband is my most precious resource. He is a minister and the one I go to the most when I have questions. There are also people online who are much further along than I am. These people share their wisdom with any who are interested. They are courageous and loving and intelligent. This is not a comprehensive list of resources; there are many out there. These are my most trusted ones:

I hope you check them out.

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