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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rules to Live By

I'll start off with the ten commandments. Really. Who can top those?

The rest are my own additional rules based on observations and experience. They are completely objective and totally relate to true life. Or not:

1) Advil before caffeine. Always.
2) A four year old has to go potty at least once every four hours. No matter what she says.
3) Forget the will. Always let your kids know where you keep the extra toilet paper.
4) Walking a half mile everyday in your dress shoes to work will negatively impact your ability to wear cute shoes in the future.
5) Sunscreen. Always.
6) You're always a better parent before you have kids.
7) There are just some things you don't need to know. Period.
8) Give your kids the grace you usually save for other people's kids.
9) The best smell in the world is my husband's shirt. (OK. Not a rule. But still true.)
10) Don't buy anything off the internet after 10:00 pm. Trust me.
11) Try everything at least once. Except #10.
12) It's YOU'RE, people! YOU+ARE=YOU'RE
13) Take your camera everywhere.
14) Choose fun over vanity. Every time.
15) If you won't say it to their face, don't say it behind their back.
16) Everyone looks good in leggings. If their shirt is long enough.
17) Young people have a hard time empathizing. Old people have a hard time sympathizing.
18) Oatmeal cookies are breakfast food.
19) So is fruit pizza.
20) You don't have to do it again, but finish what you've already started.
21) Balance your own checkbook.

And there is all the wisdom I can muster up at this hour. After this week. I'm sure there are more rules. Maybe you have some I missed? Let me know.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Card Shark

Just a helpful hint for the day:
When going to Safeway, or any other store that you must use a loyalty card for, always make sure they scan your card.

The difference yesterday for me was $52.00.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Is it sad that I wish I hadn't thrown away my diaper wipe warmer? Because I want to use it for my makeup removing wipes? Now that it is in the 40s at night?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

How Imelda Got Started.

My Littlest Girl and I went to Target yesterday. She needed a new pair of shoes. Well, if you know me at all, "need" is a subjective word. But she is finicky about her shoes, and her favorite pair had fallen apart, and every day we have struggled as she looks in her closet with 10 pairs of shoes and declared she doesn't have any. So, for "Mommy Time," we went to find shoes. I let her pick them out. She chose disco ball mary janes. It was all good.

While we were there, I met a Grandma and her Grandbaby. Grandbaby was about three. Grandma was pushing Grandbaby in the cart. As they were walking down the aisle, Grandma asked, "Do you like these shoes? Do you like those shoes? Which ones do you like?" I smiled and made some comment about our little ones choosing their own shoes. She replied, "Well, I bought her those Skecher Twinkle Toes after she swore she'd wear them. She wore them once, and won't put them on again!" (At that point I offered to buy them from her, but she declined. "Grandbaby might still wear them sometime.")

Side note: My Littlest Girl is picky, too. (see above.) She is picky because she gets blisters very easily, which is why I refrain from buying her $40 shoes. Although she does have a tendency to like the hand me down Stride Rites and Pedipeds she receives.

So I turned my attention towards My Littlest Girl, and watched the two out of the corner of my eye. Presently, the Mom appeared. She had in her hand some fairy dolls. She proceeded to say to Grandma and Grandbaby, "I think we should only get one treat this time. Honey, would you like the dolls or some shoes?" Grandbaby picked dolls. So Mom put them in her cart, and disappeared again.

The minute she left, I overheard Grandma say, "So, Honey, would you like these shoes? Do you like white? Pink? Oh, these are cute!"

And as My Littlest Girl and I rounded the corner to leave, I heard Imelda Marcos laughing in the distance.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Timing is Everything

There's something different about mornings. They are quiet and magical and productive. Even if it's dark, they are different than night time. I feel alert and peaceful when I get up and shuffle around in the quiet of the house.

I used to be a morning person. Well, I probably still am. If I go to bed on time I have no problem getting up with a clear head and a ready spirit to take on the day. I rarely go to bed at a decent time anymore. It's my own fault. But I didn't start the habit until I lived in the Eastern Time Zone. The news didn't come on until 11:00pm, and work didn't start until 9:00am. When we moved to Mountain Time, I tried to adjust to a 10:00 bedtime, but it didn't happen. Then the children came. Dun...dun...dunnnn...

My children are amazing, fantastic creatures. They both started sleeping through the night at 10 weeks. They both still go to bed around 8:00pm, and aren't allowed out of their bedroom until 7:00am.

But once my children go to bed, I have some downtime. And I use it wisely, watching TV shows or playing Chuzzle. Something valuable and worthwhile. And all of a sudden, it's 11:00. And I feel like I have lost the challenge, again, for doing something that will benefit myself and my family. Because really, who loves to be around me when I don't get enough sleep?

So, as the days get shorter, I will be focusing on going to bed earlier. Turning the computer off at 9:00, spending time with my husband, finishing my Bible study. I know the benefits of this will far outweigh the ones I get from hitting high score on Chuzzle.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Two Feet

My Indian Princess has decided to blow through her size 1 shoes in a couple of months. I'm officially moving her to a size 2. Good thing I buy ahead. Did I mention she's FIVE?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Life on the Plains

I don't claim to be a farmer or a rancher, but I have talked about my respect for the strong men and women that choose to do it for a living. And I love getting a glimpse into their world. Especially the fun stuff. We were invited to a hayride last weekend. The girls were in heaven. Dogs, cats, pigs, chickens, hay, pumpkins, dirt, and other kids. What more could they want.
Here's a very brief look:

Pumpkin football. Complete with a dog and giant hay bales.

The start of the pig chasing. The girls weren't sure about this one. But once she decided the squeals were okay, my Indian Princess jumped right in.

This is a random picture. A cabbage my husband grew. As big as her head.

I don't love the winter here on the plains. But I do adore autumn.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just Wanted You To Know...

I got a new computer.
I don't know how to download photos on it yet.
And as you well know, the best part of my blog are the photos.

Because then I don't have to try and explain stuff that's running around in my head.

So, until I figure that out.
Or until I break down and use the old one.
I'll be a little sketchy on my postings.

Unless you want another sermon.
And to be honest, I don't have one in me right now.