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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Life on the Plains

I don't claim to be a farmer or a rancher, but I have talked about my respect for the strong men and women that choose to do it for a living. And I love getting a glimpse into their world. Especially the fun stuff. We were invited to a hayride last weekend. The girls were in heaven. Dogs, cats, pigs, chickens, hay, pumpkins, dirt, and other kids. What more could they want.
Here's a very brief look:

Pumpkin football. Complete with a dog and giant hay bales.

The start of the pig chasing. The girls weren't sure about this one. But once she decided the squeals were okay, my Indian Princess jumped right in.

This is a random picture. A cabbage my husband grew. As big as her head.

I don't love the winter here on the plains. But I do adore autumn.

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