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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ain't No Cure

As much as I enjoy the break from my (ahem) busy (ahem) school schedule, I am a tiny bit concerned about this summer. My girls aren't old enough to do a lot of camps, they're not interested in the park and rec sports, and the backyard is getting a little, uh, familiar.

Any ideas on what I can do with a 4 and 5 year old sibling group this summer?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fashion Show

One of my favorite blogs, Big Mama, has something she calls Fashion Friday. I would like to present my version of that, but a little different.

This is Indian Princess, Fashion Thru the Months:
(Because let's face it, she has created so many unique outfits in her short life a Fashion Thru the Years would have taken FOREVER.)

She rocked a Star at her school Christmas program.
My Littlest Girl was super cute as a Sheep.

She picked this out herself.
I promise. No help from the Gen X mom.
I was so proud that day. And a little concerned.

A navy glitter sweat suit accessorized with sun hat from Tibet.
Of course.

Red velvet clown pants and a turquoise scarf.
I can't really remember what inspired her on this one.
Possibly Jasmine?

I was informed her shirt and pants matched because they both have hearts on them.

A dress made from a snowman blanket.
I was proud to make that for her. A throwback from my Barbie dressmaking days.
Who says you have to sew to make a dress??

The invisible girl. Love this pic.
We were at a hotel and she had changed into a swimsuit.
It does show you how well she picks up her clothes though.
Drop and run.

Purple, black, white, pink, green and yellow.
The new neutrals.

She was going for princess.
I still say a colorblind Statue of Liberty.

Ready for a night out on the town.
Those are jammies.

Another Jasmine outfit.

She says this is an Indian Princess outfit.
Definitely one of a kind!

I had to throw one in of my Littlest Girl for good measure.
Great style is bound to rub off!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

It Was Bound To Happen

Most mothers have horror stories about how their children take scissors to their hair. I do have a story. I was hoping I would never have a story. But.

I honestly think that since I take my girls to the beautician to have their hair cut, they don't really think about anyone else cutting their hair. That worked for the first three years. Then I got bold and started cutting bangs. And maybe a trim here or there.

I'm convinced that's why it happened.

One day, my Indian Princess was brushing her hair. There was a tangle she couldn't get out, so she simply cut it out. It is very logical to the five year old mind. I didn't even know it had happened.
Until I saw this:

Yep. That's it! She snipped herself a layer. I really can't complain. Well I could, but it would be stupid. So we've moved the scissors, had the talk, and I'm hoping that's the end of it.

It's the end of it, right??

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Change is Gonna Do Us Good

So, my husband and I spent two hours yesterday rearranging bedrooms. The girls are officially sharing a room. Hopefully, this time, for good.

It's not that we don't want them to have their own rooms. We just miss having an extra bed for sickies, snorers, or the occasional guests.

Plus, we both shared rooms with our siblings, and we wouldn't trade that time for anything. Late night talks, funny stories, and the comfort of having your best friend with you in the night.

Because yesterday I was ambitious. And opimistic. I started getting out summer clothes, too. They will be sharing a closet and an armoir and I needed to sort their clothes anyway. I thought it would be easier to organize summer clothes than winter ones.

But today I'm not so energetic. And I still have my Indian Princesses clothes to do. And she's waiting. Patiently.

So please, give me a week. But if you're out in our neck of the woods, please come visit. We have a spare bedroom now. We would love to see you!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

How a Trip to Walmart to Buy Milk Turned Into a Hanes Extravaganza

I had to buy three things when I went into Walmart the other night, so I thought it would be safe to bring the girls. Seems to me it was milk, cheese, and bread. I don't know. Something simple and cheap. Everything in the grocery department, so we wouldn't find things to buy at the opposite end of the store. You know. Easy.

So, because it was so easy, and I had a couple of extra bucks, we walked through the girls clothes section. Just to see if there was anything NEEDED that I hadn't thought of. (I'm smirking to myself as I type that.) As we were headed back to the clearance section, (because yes, I am so cheap, I shop the clearance section of Walmart) my Indian Princess finds...wait for it...TINKERBELL JAMMIES! And not the flannel ones for winter, but the sleeveless, shiny nightgown that can only be made from 100% pure polyester! She gasped in delight, then promptly told me she HAD to have it, please?? Please, Mom, Please?? I checked the price tag. $7. A little high for me, but what the heck. It makes her happy. And maybe I can get her to wear pjs to bed if she picks them out. No. She usually doesn't. Especially in the summer.

So, Tinkerbell in the cart, my Littlest Girl asks for a nightgown, too. I would usually be fine with it, but she has M.A.N.Y. nightgowns at home. Including Tinkerbell. I had to say no.

But, next to the jammies, on an end aisle, was a clearance section of tights and panties. The big sign said $1. That is my magic number, so I took a look. The tights were all picked over and Christmassy. I wasn't in the mood for snowflake tights. The panties, however, looked promising. On the shelf, the tag says Hanes 12 pack panties for $5. Not bad. And as much as I like hand-me-downs, my girls do NOT share panties. So I picked up a package for my Littlest Girl.

And because my Littlest Girl had new panties, my Indian Princess needed panties, too. But not the clearance kind. They have to match her new Tinkerbell nightgown. So we head to the underwear section. And of course, they have...wait for it...TINKERBELL PANTIES!! A 6 pack for $7. Why not.

I feel bad. As much as the Littlest Girl liked her panties, the purchases were hardly equal. So we find our way back to the little girl section to go shopping. After much ooohhing and aahhing over Dora swimsuits and Tiana ballet dresses, we find an outfit for her that she loves, and my guilt is eased.

I hurriedly grabbed the milk, cheese and bread before they found something else they liked. As I head to the checkout lane I text my husband. "The Shopping Gene Just Kicked In." We are both worried as to the implications of that. The girls STILL don't know how to use coupons.

I get to the register, dump our purchases on the belt, and pay quickly. As we are walking towards the door, the Indian Princess says she has to go to the bathroom. We change directions and head to the restrooms. As I am pushing the cart, I check my receipt. Everything looks good. But lo, and behold---the 12 pack of Hanes panties rang up for a dollar!! I have won the panties lottery!!!!

I decide we have to go back. After the girls get out of the bathroom, I tell them we need more panties. I want to hurry before the stampede. Or Walmart decides to change the price. So we zoom back there and I pick up a package in every size. When I check out, I have spent $5 on 60 pairs of underwear!! And $7 on 6 pairs of Tinkerbell underwear. (sigh)

As I head home, I second guess myself. Should I have gotten 2 sets of panties in the larger sizes? One for each girl? I will NEVER get a deal like that again. Then I realize I would be storing the largest size panties for my Littlest Girl for at least 8 years. And I let it go. Wistfully.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things That Make You Say, "Hmmm..."

...or any other words you can think of while smacking yourself upside the head in frustration.

Alternatively titled: Isn't It Ironic. Or Things That Suck. But I REALLY didn't want to see where the traffic would come from if I posted that. Ugh.

1) Your 4 year old daughter owns at least 12 pairs of jeans, but she prefers skirts.

2) Your nails are the perfect length. All 10 of them. Until you are cutting vegetables, realize that you've cut a part of yourself, breathe a sigh of relief that it wasn't your finger or hand or knuckle, wash your hands, and realize you cut your perfect fingernail.

3) You lose an earring. Keep the other one for years because you KNOW it will turn up. Finally decide you're delusional and a borderline hoarder for keeping it, and throw it away. The next day you find the lost one in an old suitcase pocket.

4) You give your good friend a coupon for a free meal at Subway. That expired yesterday. And she tries to use it.

5) You find your lost library book, the day after you bought it.

6) You drink a cup of coffee at lunch, knowing you're going to need that extra caffeine boost to get you through the afternoon. A half and hour later you realize ALL the kids need a nap today and you could have had one, too. But not now.

Anything you'd like to add?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


We went to Mema and Papa's house this weekend.

Here are the highlights:

The Mothers -In-Law hanging out.

Tea Party!




That expression says it all right now.
A 10 hour drive (each way) weekend trip took a lot out of me.
I'll be back when I get all the laundry done.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

And Stuffing.

I let my oldest daughter watch Spider-Man. I have a thing for superheroes, and she doesn't seem to get too scared, so she watches sometimes.

This morning, I came down to the TV room, she says, "Mom, I saw the Gobbler!"
I racked my brain briefly before I said, "Oh, you mean the Goblin?"

It's a good thing I know my superheroes, or she might she might get confused at Thanksgiving when we're eating a supervillian.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just Towels

God, in His wondrous mercy, did not give us children when we thought we wanted them. No, He waited until we were old and way less energetic. Just kidding. Just old. Ha. Ok. Anyway.
As I have mentioned before, I am rather task oriented. And the older I get, the more I get that way. It may have something to do with the fact that for 17 years my husband and I were alone. Alright, we had a dog, but still. We got married, got jobs, he finished his masters, we got different jobs, we moved 9 times, we bought five houses, we traveled. Together. But alone. We made the best decisions for the two of us.
To be honest, that creates a certain way of life that is hard to shake. What works for us. What do I want to do now. What restaurant should we eat at tonight. What kind of car do we like this year. What activities should we do to fill our free time. To what charities would we like to contribute. I don't know if you noticed, but it's a lot about us. The two of us. For almost 20 years.
Then, we adopted two beautiful children. I was two weeks away from my 35th birthday when I became a first-time parent. I was one week away from my 36th birthday when I became a mom for the second time. For the parents of two biological children, this is hard. But I know women who have had children less than a year apart. It is possible. They have an inkling it's coming, and they might be able to prepare mentally for it better than I did. For me, it was, and is, overwhelming.
I have learned that though I thought I was a good multi-tasker, I really am not. Two children, my control issues, and an era of "ME" have taken a toll on my perceived parenting skills. My frustration level shoots through the roof at minor distractions. When I take a step back, I am selfish and pathetic. I lose my objectivity much earlier than necessary. By a long shot.
But God, in His wisdom, shows me His grace in strange ways. Take, for instance, laundry. I don't know about little boys, but with little girls, laundry does not just double, it exponentially multiplies. Especially when little girls have different outfits for the different parts of their day. Breakfast time, outside time, nap time, TV time, after bath time, and bed time. No. I'm not joking. One night, in the past couple of years, I was doing a load of towels. And I shouted up to my husband, "I just did a load of laundry that was nothing but towels!" At that moment, I was aggravated. HOW much laundry would I be doing in my lifetime if I had to do a load of JUST towels every few days. Really, it's mind-boggling to think about.
And then He reminded me that just a short while ago, I could fit ALL of our laundry in two loads. And I was begging Him for children. And He answered my prayers. And children create laundry. Therefore, laundry, especially a load of JUST towels, was a BLESSING. And to this day, whenever I do a load of JUST towels, I smile, and thank God, and am content in my heart. His kindness to me is overflowing.

Psalm 30:11-12

11 You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy,

12 that my heart may sing to you and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give you thanks forever.

Do You See What I See?

Heard from the tent just a few moments ago.
"Hey, get off my eyeball!"
I'm assuming she's not wearing these.

Love those little things I get to overhear.
Oh, and her eyeball is fine.

And yes, we have a tent set up in the living room. Well, if you consider this set up.

And yes, there are two little girls in there.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Jo says, "Mom, I love you more than ice cream!"
Not to be outdone, E says, " Mom, I love you more than bee stings."

Considering J gets brain freeze with ice cream and E had a horrifying encounter with bees last year, I'm glad I rank a little higher for them.

Um. Thanks, girls.

Friday, May 6, 2011

You Know You're From the Midwest When...

1. You save your bacon grease for later. So you can make amazing green beans.
2. You know the difference between Iowa, Ohio, and Idaho.
3. You have to explain to some people that yes, you do have indoor plumbing.
4. You have four beautiful seasons.
5. You have NEVER gone to the zoo to see cows.
6. You know how cold the winter is going to be just by looking at a fuzzy caterpillar.
7. You get a deep sense of satisfaction during planting and harvesting time.
8. You don't ask for help unless an appendage has fallen off.
9. You have been driving since you were 14. Earlier if you had to help on the farm.
10. The veterinarians in the area have more business than some of the doctors.

Any others I'm missing?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I haven't left the house today,
Everyone has gone away.
Except my sick one,
Jo and I.

We've spent the day doing some things,
Like reading books and songs we sing.
But now it's dark and time for bed,
I'll pray with her and tuck her in.

And know tomorrow morning comes
With promises of leaving home.
She is getting better so
Off to school we plan to go.

The sacrifices made for her
Are drenched in love, of that I'm sure.
And never will I wish away
The time I spent with Jo today.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's Viral

So, when I took the Littlest Girl into her eye appointment, I didn't tell you she was also sick. Fever, major chest congestion, runny nose. (I didn't tell the doctor either, until it was too late. Bwa, ha ha ha!!!) For those of you that know me, I've slid a long way.

I figured it was a cold. A nasty one, but a cold. It started on Saturday night. By 4:00 Sunday morning it was a full blown snot-fest. Yeah. I said it. She had a fever of 102.3 that day. It "broke" on Monday. 99.5. (Which is why I felt safe to go to the eye doctor, BTW.) But was back up in the 100 range yesterday.

So this morning, I called the nurse. Asked her what she thought. Because I HATE going to the doctor to have her tell me it will run it's course and don't worry about it. I don't hate that message, that's a great message. I hate spending $100 to have someone tell me that, when I pretty much knew it myself. Anyway. The nurse said with the fever and the congestion my Littlest Girl should come in, so they could rule out bronchitis or pneumonia. (sigh) I made the appointment.

When we got there, the nurse took her temp. She said it was 98.6. She had a new-fangled thermometer that took maybe .75 seconds to register. I knew she was wrong. When I took the Littlest Girl's temp this morning at 8:00, it was at 100. I gave her ibuprofen, but that had been 5 hours ago. Her fever would be climbing again.

The doctor takes a look at her. Listens to her chest, checks her ears and throat, says it's probably a virus. That's fine. He doesn't want to give her any meds. I'm overjoyed he doesn't want to give her meds. I tell him I don't believe his new-fangled thermometer, and he says he doesn't either. The one we have at home is probably more accurate. (LOVE this guy at this point.) Tells me to call back if her fever hasn't broke by Friday.

Go to the store, come home, put her to bed. No meds since 8:00 am. Measure her temp this afternoon. 98 degrees. Just measured again. 97.7 degrees.

Just goes to show, all you need is a doctor's appointment to break a fever.

Monday, May 2, 2011


I took my Littlest Girl in for her eye doctor appointment today. He said everything is fine! She'll probably have glasses at some point but not yet. Thank you, God, I don't have to worry about it at this point.