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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fashion Show

One of my favorite blogs, Big Mama, has something she calls Fashion Friday. I would like to present my version of that, but a little different.

This is Indian Princess, Fashion Thru the Months:
(Because let's face it, she has created so many unique outfits in her short life a Fashion Thru the Years would have taken FOREVER.)

She rocked a Star at her school Christmas program.
My Littlest Girl was super cute as a Sheep.

She picked this out herself.
I promise. No help from the Gen X mom.
I was so proud that day. And a little concerned.

A navy glitter sweat suit accessorized with sun hat from Tibet.
Of course.

Red velvet clown pants and a turquoise scarf.
I can't really remember what inspired her on this one.
Possibly Jasmine?

I was informed her shirt and pants matched because they both have hearts on them.

A dress made from a snowman blanket.
I was proud to make that for her. A throwback from my Barbie dressmaking days.
Who says you have to sew to make a dress??

The invisible girl. Love this pic.
We were at a hotel and she had changed into a swimsuit.
It does show you how well she picks up her clothes though.
Drop and run.

Purple, black, white, pink, green and yellow.
The new neutrals.

She was going for princess.
I still say a colorblind Statue of Liberty.

Ready for a night out on the town.
Those are jammies.

Another Jasmine outfit.

She says this is an Indian Princess outfit.
Definitely one of a kind!

I had to throw one in of my Littlest Girl for good measure.
Great style is bound to rub off!

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