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Thursday, May 26, 2011

It Was Bound To Happen

Most mothers have horror stories about how their children take scissors to their hair. I do have a story. I was hoping I would never have a story. But.

I honestly think that since I take my girls to the beautician to have their hair cut, they don't really think about anyone else cutting their hair. That worked for the first three years. Then I got bold and started cutting bangs. And maybe a trim here or there.

I'm convinced that's why it happened.

One day, my Indian Princess was brushing her hair. There was a tangle she couldn't get out, so she simply cut it out. It is very logical to the five year old mind. I didn't even know it had happened.
Until I saw this:

Yep. That's it! She snipped herself a layer. I really can't complain. Well I could, but it would be stupid. So we've moved the scissors, had the talk, and I'm hoping that's the end of it.

It's the end of it, right??


  1. Until she's old enough to get a job and can buy her own scissors...

  2. We had a series of self-inflicted hair cuts before it was over. Now, I have a six year old with a giant chunk missing in front. But she didn't cut it. She ripped it out when she couldn't get the tangle out. So much better, for sure. But, in keeping with your theory, each of my girls have been to the salon just once. I've always cut it instead. Hmm...

    Hoping you don't have to find a chunk of hair ever again. :)