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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Trusted Resources

I am a Christian. I am a Conservative Christian. I am a Reformed Conservative Christian.

I am also what I would call, "Theologically Lite." No, I don't have half the fat of other Christians. But I do have less discipline than I would like. It is something I'm working on. I want to know more of what God expects of me. I want to soak in His promises and His Words of Life. I also want to be more articulate about my faith than I am. But while I am working on those things, I have some amazing resources that I find very valuable. First, my husband is my most precious resource. He is a minister and the one I go to the most when I have questions. There are also people online who are much further along than I am. These people share their wisdom with any who are interested. They are courageous and loving and intelligent. This is not a comprehensive list of resources; there are many out there. These are my most trusted ones:

I hope you check them out.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Warm Fuzzy

My Indian Princess had just gotten up from a nap.

She was still cuddly, peaceful, and contemplative.

She and her best friend enjoyed the warmth of the sun on the back deck.

Looking for hummingbirds as she slowly awoke from her dreams.

Monday, August 29, 2011

School Day #1...

is done.

It was a good day.
The girls were exhausted.
I was too.
Until I drank a latte at 6:30 pm.
You'll notice when I wrote this one...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Twas the Night Before...

The night before school starts
and all through the house,
An eerie quietness
spooks me and my spouse.

The ducks had been fed
at the pond with great care.
And Ginka's swingset
Helped girls swing through the air.

As we walked home with Dad
at the end of the night,
We talked about bedtime;
when we'd turn out the light.

We got home to our showers
our nails clipped up short.
Then we listened to Dad
as he read about forts.

We prayed and we sang
And we went off to bed.
With visions of recess
Around in our head.

And as we exclaimed
as we turned out the light.
Happy School Year To All
and to all a good night!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Randomness II

1) I was in the fast lane, doing a couple over the speed limit. A van suddenly passed me on the right, doing at least 10 mph over me. As it whizzed by, I happened to notice the graphics on the side. It was a delivery van for a coffee store.

2) I went to a WOF conference last month. I had to use the restroom before we went in. I was wearing my cute wide leg pants. Really wide leg. I had a large purse. Really large. And I was in a small bathroom stall. Really small. As I tried to open the door to get out, I grabbed my purse off the hook, my big toe got caught in my pants, and I clocked my own forehead on the door. I apparently need to wear those pants more often. Or at least wear them with closed toe shoes.

3) I really like Ed. The TV show. Not the horse. It defines a period in my life almost as clearly as Friends defined the 90's.

4) Sometimes I crave chocolate cake. Sometimes I crave straight chocolate. Some will say it doesn't matter. But it does.

5) My husband doesn't like musicals. He thinks it's unrealistic when people burst into song during a conversation. I think he's wrong on two points. A) People DO burst into song during conversations, as experienced by my mom, sister, and me, the entire time I was growing up. And B) Like operas are any more realistic??

6) Another bathroom story. Sorry. We used to have a long bathroom. Like 7' x 11'. My husband is working hard to convert it into two bathrooms. The drywall in bathrooms is moisture resistant, and blue. Not white. In the past few days, I have turned the corner into the bathroom from the hall, and almost walked myself into the new, blue wall. In the dark, it blends in. And at night, I'm not the best rememberer.

The Big Red Ball

My girls had their school open house last night.

We were supposed to bring all their school supplies in then, so the teachers wouldn't have so much to sort through when school starts next week. I had bought a bunch of stuff long before the supply list came out. Stuff they had needed last year at a different school. I had colored pencils and bottles of glue and pens and markers and scissors. When I got the supply list, I couldn't believe it. They wanted less than half of what the other school wanted. I had SO over bought.

But there were a couple of things I hadn't gotten. A big eraser, a folder with pockets, and some watercolor paints were missing. So the girls and I headed to Target yesterday to pick that stuff up. The girls always like to shop at Target. Well, not really. They like to stand on the big red ball statues outside. I have pictures of them from 3 years ago doing it. They want to do it every time we're there. I think we could actually stand on the big red ball and leave. They don't really need to go in.

But I did. So we went in, carted ourselves to the way back, where the school supplies are, only to find they had been replaced by Back-To-College school stuff. And as fast as my girls are growing, they aren't anywhere near ready for college yet. Bummer. I wanted to pick up some other things, since we had driven the 30 miles to get to the Big Red Ball store. So we shopped. Like all my trips, I couldn't find a lot of stuff. Couldn't remember some of the stuff I was supposed to get. But I did find many jars of peanut butter on clearance in the grocery section. $1.14 a jar. For reduced fat and all natural peanut butter. Because I am a borderline hoarder, and I know how much peanut butter we go through, I bought them all. Because nothing says "I'm good with my money" than 14 jars of peanut butter in my pantry.

So, today we must run to Walmart to pick up the rest of the girls school supplies. But I won't count the Target run a total loss. The Big Red Ball store always has some good surprises.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Indian Princess Butterfly Cat

While I was gone last Saturday, my husband took his mom and our kids to the threshing bee. There were train rides and hot dogs and cotton candy and steam engines and corn dolls.

The only picture they came home with was this one.
But it was perfect.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Random Texts I

When I was on my trip a couple of weeks ago, I had a few conversations with people over text. I thought it would be fun to post some random texts. None that I sent. Just ones I've received. Not in any order. You can use your imagination to create the story.

  • There's a series on the travel channel about the midway truck stop outside Columbia at the Fayette turnoff. Bizarre.
  • What does the lower white count mean?
  • Yeah, gonna get foggers today and nuke both attics tonight.
  • Be brave, little soldier. Barbie bathtub henceforth officially be frowned upon. Water overflowing from splashing in the tub will be subject to a fine not exceeding $1000 and a jail term not to exceed 90 days.
  • Make sure everyone licks their fingers a lot then.
  • I don't know what that means.
  • Just saw a Luvs commercial with babies filling their diapers to the song, "Poop, there it is!"
  • Duct tape.
  • tongue
  • my bruncle?
  • Didn't hear about it. That must be the sirens last night.
  • OK. But if it starts making webs I'm outta here.

Imagination II

My Indian Princess wanted her toes painted this afternoon. We tend to do that outside, on the back porch, since spills have been known to happen.

I brought my whole basket of polishes with us, as we hadn't decided on a color yet.

After the three of us were properly painted, My Littlest Girl decided to take things in a different direction. As I was finishing my fingers, she lined up all of my (tightly closed) polish bottles in a line. They were school children lining up to go into their classroom.

Then they were princesses with brightly colored ball gowns.

Then princes were added to the mix.

They added a Spooner board, and a red plastic box, and all the prince and princesses were on their way to another ball. The Spooner board was their plane. The box was their bus.

One princess is using some teeny tiny twigs as crutches, because she hurt her leg.

I was snapping beans while they were playing. My Indian Princess came over to see what I was doing. She asked for the ends I was snapping, so the royal party could have some snacks. Snacks quickly morphed into babies, and all of a sudden, everyone was married with babies. The red plastic box became a home.

They are still outside playing with multiple colors of fingernail polish. I think they're into the second hour of creating. Have I mentioned how cool my kiddos are?

Friday, August 19, 2011

The One Where I Piggy Back off Someone Else's Blog

OK. I've told you guys that one of my favorite blogs is this one.

Well, in her most recent post, she was telling us all how her daughter called her "Honey." And I thought that was cute. And then I remembered. My girls use the word Honey, too. But in a slightly different way.

You know how your kids echo back the things you say? And most of the time you cringe? Yeah. Me either.

Anyway. I have always called my kids "Honey" or "Sweetheart." My mom calls them "Sweetie."

So when my girls play babies, they always call their babies "Honey" or "Sweetie." Which I picked up on the first couple of times they did it, so I'm used to it. I think it's so sweet that they will be playing, and they will say, "Ok. I'll be the Mommy, you be the Honey."

Now, you remember we were visiting my parents last week. I was with my mom running errands, and my dad was taking care of them. We got home, had dinner, and he gave me the run down of their afternoon. He looked a little sheepish when he said, "We were playing babies. I was the Daddy, and the girls were my Honies." And I had to laugh. And then inform him that "Honies" were in fact, babies. And he was in no danger of having to share a jail cell with Warren Jeffs.
He tried to hide it,
but he was relieved.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Out of Touch

I was playing volleyball with a few girls one night. They are in high school. We always have at least two girls with names that are the same.

So as we were playing, there were two girls on the same team with the name of J. Hall and J. Smith. People would call out their first name and confusion would ensue. Which doesn't usually lead to many points or a winning game.

Finally, J. Hall says to J. Smith, "We should come up with some nicknames so we won't get confused." And I in my infinite wisdom, butted in and said, "You (J. Hall) could be Hall, and you (J. Smith) could be Oates."

And they both looked at me expectantly, but cluelessly.
At which point I realized.
I am old.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I'm feeling the need to write something on this thing, but I'm out of words.

Volleyball started this week. So between coaching high schoolers, talking to my husband, parenting my children, and making various appointments for everyone over the phone, I'm all talked out.

I can tell you about what a great husband I have. I don't get tired about that subject. I think I mentioned while we were gone last week he tackled a renovation in our only full bathroom.

Renovation is a good word.

Reconstruction is probably a better one.

When we were offered some help on redoing our bathroom floor, he thought a new bathtub was in order. And if we were going to do that, I thought a second bathroom was in order. Can you see my logic? :)

Our house had one full bath and one half bath in it. And as a sibling to a sister, as well as a mother to two daughters, I know how valuable a second full bath would be to us in the future. My dear husband grew up with brothers. He really didn't understand. But he took my word for it. And we will soon have TWO full bathrooms where ONE used to be.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Trip In Pictures

The girls in our family left home last week while my dear husband renovated our only full bathroom.

Other than the excellent time we had at the doctor's office and ER, things were rather normal:

We saw native wildlife.

Had a pillow fight in the back of the truck.

Spent time with Grandma Kitty in KC.

Ran into some dinosaurs.

My Littlest Girl passed out before we got out of the parking lot of the gardens, still holding the brochures.
My Indian Princess, not so much.

Went to a car show.

Had some ice cream.

Fed the goats.

My Littlest Girl squealed every time a goat licked the food out of her hands.
Every time she squealed the big turkey gobbled at her.
Apparently she's fluent in fowl.

Went for a bike ride.

Played tetherball.

Went fishin' with Papa.

Baked cupcakes for Mema's tea party.

And had a marvelous time, just hanging out.

We all missed Daddy, but we couldn't have asked for a better visit with Mema and Papa.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Love in the First Degree

My new favorite picture of my husband:

Saturday, August 13, 2011


We're back home.
My hubby has been working hard while we've been gone.
I'm so proud and flattered.

I'm exhausted but I can't wait to tell you about our trip.

Have a blessed Sabbath!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another Day

Today I was going to have a down day for the girls.
Hang out at the grandparent's house, maybe review some school, take it easy.
Then my Dad comes home. And tells us our options for the day.
We end up going for a bike ride in a nearby town. Complete with a stop at a playground.
After naps and dinner, we go to another nearby town to fish.
We've done more this week than we have all summer long.
I'll post pictures soon...

Monday, August 8, 2011

It's How We Roll

So, if you read my last post, you'll see we've had a rough couple of days.
Let me tell you...the rest of the story.

My Indian Princess had a 105 temp on Thursday, so we got in to see a doctor. They took blood and urine tests. Said they would call when the results came in.

On Friday morning, I woke up to my bed shaking. My king sized bed. Shaking violently. My Indian Princess had slept with me, and she had been shaking for I don't know how long. And I couldn't get her to stop. So we made a mad dash for the ER.

Have I mentioned we are out of town??

Yes. We are in my hometown. Staying with my parents. So if one of us has to be sick, this is our second best place to do it. BUT, it still makes for more chaos then I prefer.

Anyway, while in the ER, she drinks an entire bottle of water. They give her some Tylenol. She stops shaking. Gets more blood and pee taken and tested. They come back and tell us she has a UTI. Surprised me as she never complained of pain. But I'm ecstatic it's not a virus or something else we can't control.

After getting out of the ER, we spend around an hour at Walmart getting her prescription filled. An hour? you say. Yes. An hour. The hospital prescribed a $400 antibiotic. The pharmacist, in all decency, asked me if I wanted her to find out if there was an alternative. I said yes. She called the ER back. 20 minutes later, when she gave me my new prescription, she asked for $4. And wondered out loud why they hadn't given that one to her in the first place. I had to agree. While silently wondering if I had a target on my forehead.

By this time, the Tylenol and the bottle of water had worked wonders on my Indian Princess. She really wanted to go to the county fair. And Friday was the last day. So we went to the fair. I know. I'm a terrible parent. And it gets worse. After we see sheep and chickens being auctioned, we go out to eat. I still haven't showered because I ran out of the house at 8:00 that morning with a shaking girlie in my arms. I'm praying I don't see anyone I know. And of course, in your hometown of 7000, that just. doesn't. happen.

We are all excited that she doesn't have anything contagious, because we were planning on going to KC to see my 91 year old grandmother on Saturday. So I pack up the Advil, Tylenol, and antibiotics, and we leave the house at 7:30 Saturday morning. To drive 3.5 hours. To pick up Grandma And walk around beautiful Powell Gardens. In 85 degree temps and about 80% humidity. The girls get about 30 minutes of sleep the entire day. And we drive the 3.5 hours home the same evening.

You may call this risky. In my family, we just call it the weekend.

The next day, both girls took 3 hour naps.

And my Indian Princess is healing nicely.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Bad Math

4 days of fever.
1 day of 105 degree fever.
2 Dr. visits.
1 morning of the shakes.
1 ER visit.
A few tears on her part.
A few tears on my part.
6 vials of blood.
3 urine samples.
1 hour waiting for a prescription at Wal-mart.

Conclusion: Urinary Tract Infection

I hope this is over.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I love watching my girls play with stuff. Sometimes they play with their toys. Sometimes they don't.

They put on these bike helmets tonight. Mainly to see if they fit. They did.
But they weren't allowed to go outside to use them.
As you might see, they're in their jammies.

So, the helmets were:
battering rams,
scuba gear,
and monsters.

Their imaginations fascinate me.
And enthrall me.
They are amazing human beings.
Or scuba divers.
I'll have to ask them tomorrow.

Name That Picture--Giveaway

Best Caption for this Picture: ??

OK. I don't have an official giveaway. I'm not that professional.
But I'd be happy to send the winner a batch of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.
Or an autograph of the stars of my blog.
Your choice.


There are many things that bother me about Uniqua. And if you have no idea who that is, just skip this whole post.

1) She says, "thinks," instead of "things."
2) She is bald.
3) She is polka dotted.
4) I don't know what kind of animal she is.

Let's dig deeper, shall we?

1) If you are going to be in a children's TV show, I would prefer you pronounce words the correct way. An accent is okay. Creating words is not. I am NOT a fan of whole language.

2) Unless you are sick, I don't think baldness is a natural phenomena for girls. I don't think it sets a good example for young girls. What happens if they watch the show and decide they want to be bald like Uniqua. Forget little chunks of hair clipped with scissors, Daddy's shaver is fun!!!

3) For those of you who know me, I have issues with smoothness. I like it. I used to break out in hives frequently and hives are evil. Smooth means healthy to me. Polka dots on skin (and her clothes, for Pete's sake) raises many red flags for me. Mostly red flags that remind me of allergy medicine, special diets, and the sporadic manic drive to scratch my skin until I bleed.

4) As I have said before, I am a control freak. Along with this freakishness is my desire to label things so I can categorize them. I am at a complete loss with Uniqua. Which I think, is why they named her Uniqua. But they might as well have named her Trigger, because she sets off all things crazy in my brain.

I'll be off in a corner rocking for the rest of the day.
I will not be singing a song or maybe dancing along.