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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Imagination II

My Indian Princess wanted her toes painted this afternoon. We tend to do that outside, on the back porch, since spills have been known to happen.

I brought my whole basket of polishes with us, as we hadn't decided on a color yet.

After the three of us were properly painted, My Littlest Girl decided to take things in a different direction. As I was finishing my fingers, she lined up all of my (tightly closed) polish bottles in a line. They were school children lining up to go into their classroom.

Then they were princesses with brightly colored ball gowns.

Then princes were added to the mix.

They added a Spooner board, and a red plastic box, and all the prince and princesses were on their way to another ball. The Spooner board was their plane. The box was their bus.

One princess is using some teeny tiny twigs as crutches, because she hurt her leg.

I was snapping beans while they were playing. My Indian Princess came over to see what I was doing. She asked for the ends I was snapping, so the royal party could have some snacks. Snacks quickly morphed into babies, and all of a sudden, everyone was married with babies. The red plastic box became a home.

They are still outside playing with multiple colors of fingernail polish. I think they're into the second hour of creating. Have I mentioned how cool my kiddos are?

1 comment:

  1. That is very cool. I love it.

    My kids pretend at "resaurant-er" and "buyer". We are so behind on the sophisticated possibilities!