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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I'm feeling the need to write something on this thing, but I'm out of words.

Volleyball started this week. So between coaching high schoolers, talking to my husband, parenting my children, and making various appointments for everyone over the phone, I'm all talked out.

I can tell you about what a great husband I have. I don't get tired about that subject. I think I mentioned while we were gone last week he tackled a renovation in our only full bathroom.

Renovation is a good word.

Reconstruction is probably a better one.

When we were offered some help on redoing our bathroom floor, he thought a new bathtub was in order. And if we were going to do that, I thought a second bathroom was in order. Can you see my logic? :)

Our house had one full bath and one half bath in it. And as a sibling to a sister, as well as a mother to two daughters, I know how valuable a second full bath would be to us in the future. My dear husband grew up with brothers. He really didn't understand. But he took my word for it. And we will soon have TWO full bathrooms where ONE used to be.

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  1. Way to go Brian! Two (full) bathrooms would be a very good thing. Just think of the fights down the road that are now avoided. :)