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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Randomness II

1) I was in the fast lane, doing a couple over the speed limit. A van suddenly passed me on the right, doing at least 10 mph over me. As it whizzed by, I happened to notice the graphics on the side. It was a delivery van for a coffee store.

2) I went to a WOF conference last month. I had to use the restroom before we went in. I was wearing my cute wide leg pants. Really wide leg. I had a large purse. Really large. And I was in a small bathroom stall. Really small. As I tried to open the door to get out, I grabbed my purse off the hook, my big toe got caught in my pants, and I clocked my own forehead on the door. I apparently need to wear those pants more often. Or at least wear them with closed toe shoes.

3) I really like Ed. The TV show. Not the horse. It defines a period in my life almost as clearly as Friends defined the 90's.

4) Sometimes I crave chocolate cake. Sometimes I crave straight chocolate. Some will say it doesn't matter. But it does.

5) My husband doesn't like musicals. He thinks it's unrealistic when people burst into song during a conversation. I think he's wrong on two points. A) People DO burst into song during conversations, as experienced by my mom, sister, and me, the entire time I was growing up. And B) Like operas are any more realistic??

6) Another bathroom story. Sorry. We used to have a long bathroom. Like 7' x 11'. My husband is working hard to convert it into two bathrooms. The drywall in bathrooms is moisture resistant, and blue. Not white. In the past few days, I have turned the corner into the bathroom from the hall, and almost walked myself into the new, blue wall. In the dark, it blends in. And at night, I'm not the best rememberer.

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