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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Big Red Ball

My girls had their school open house last night.

We were supposed to bring all their school supplies in then, so the teachers wouldn't have so much to sort through when school starts next week. I had bought a bunch of stuff long before the supply list came out. Stuff they had needed last year at a different school. I had colored pencils and bottles of glue and pens and markers and scissors. When I got the supply list, I couldn't believe it. They wanted less than half of what the other school wanted. I had SO over bought.

But there were a couple of things I hadn't gotten. A big eraser, a folder with pockets, and some watercolor paints were missing. So the girls and I headed to Target yesterday to pick that stuff up. The girls always like to shop at Target. Well, not really. They like to stand on the big red ball statues outside. I have pictures of them from 3 years ago doing it. They want to do it every time we're there. I think we could actually stand on the big red ball and leave. They don't really need to go in.

But I did. So we went in, carted ourselves to the way back, where the school supplies are, only to find they had been replaced by Back-To-College school stuff. And as fast as my girls are growing, they aren't anywhere near ready for college yet. Bummer. I wanted to pick up some other things, since we had driven the 30 miles to get to the Big Red Ball store. So we shopped. Like all my trips, I couldn't find a lot of stuff. Couldn't remember some of the stuff I was supposed to get. But I did find many jars of peanut butter on clearance in the grocery section. $1.14 a jar. For reduced fat and all natural peanut butter. Because I am a borderline hoarder, and I know how much peanut butter we go through, I bought them all. Because nothing says "I'm good with my money" than 14 jars of peanut butter in my pantry.

So, today we must run to Walmart to pick up the rest of the girls school supplies. But I won't count the Target run a total loss. The Big Red Ball store always has some good surprises.

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