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Monday, August 8, 2011

It's How We Roll

So, if you read my last post, you'll see we've had a rough couple of days.
Let me tell you...the rest of the story.

My Indian Princess had a 105 temp on Thursday, so we got in to see a doctor. They took blood and urine tests. Said they would call when the results came in.

On Friday morning, I woke up to my bed shaking. My king sized bed. Shaking violently. My Indian Princess had slept with me, and she had been shaking for I don't know how long. And I couldn't get her to stop. So we made a mad dash for the ER.

Have I mentioned we are out of town??

Yes. We are in my hometown. Staying with my parents. So if one of us has to be sick, this is our second best place to do it. BUT, it still makes for more chaos then I prefer.

Anyway, while in the ER, she drinks an entire bottle of water. They give her some Tylenol. She stops shaking. Gets more blood and pee taken and tested. They come back and tell us she has a UTI. Surprised me as she never complained of pain. But I'm ecstatic it's not a virus or something else we can't control.

After getting out of the ER, we spend around an hour at Walmart getting her prescription filled. An hour? you say. Yes. An hour. The hospital prescribed a $400 antibiotic. The pharmacist, in all decency, asked me if I wanted her to find out if there was an alternative. I said yes. She called the ER back. 20 minutes later, when she gave me my new prescription, she asked for $4. And wondered out loud why they hadn't given that one to her in the first place. I had to agree. While silently wondering if I had a target on my forehead.

By this time, the Tylenol and the bottle of water had worked wonders on my Indian Princess. She really wanted to go to the county fair. And Friday was the last day. So we went to the fair. I know. I'm a terrible parent. And it gets worse. After we see sheep and chickens being auctioned, we go out to eat. I still haven't showered because I ran out of the house at 8:00 that morning with a shaking girlie in my arms. I'm praying I don't see anyone I know. And of course, in your hometown of 7000, that just. doesn't. happen.

We are all excited that she doesn't have anything contagious, because we were planning on going to KC to see my 91 year old grandmother on Saturday. So I pack up the Advil, Tylenol, and antibiotics, and we leave the house at 7:30 Saturday morning. To drive 3.5 hours. To pick up Grandma And walk around beautiful Powell Gardens. In 85 degree temps and about 80% humidity. The girls get about 30 minutes of sleep the entire day. And we drive the 3.5 hours home the same evening.

You may call this risky. In my family, we just call it the weekend.

The next day, both girls took 3 hour naps.

And my Indian Princess is healing nicely.

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