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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's Viral

So, when I took the Littlest Girl into her eye appointment, I didn't tell you she was also sick. Fever, major chest congestion, runny nose. (I didn't tell the doctor either, until it was too late. Bwa, ha ha ha!!!) For those of you that know me, I've slid a long way.

I figured it was a cold. A nasty one, but a cold. It started on Saturday night. By 4:00 Sunday morning it was a full blown snot-fest. Yeah. I said it. She had a fever of 102.3 that day. It "broke" on Monday. 99.5. (Which is why I felt safe to go to the eye doctor, BTW.) But was back up in the 100 range yesterday.

So this morning, I called the nurse. Asked her what she thought. Because I HATE going to the doctor to have her tell me it will run it's course and don't worry about it. I don't hate that message, that's a great message. I hate spending $100 to have someone tell me that, when I pretty much knew it myself. Anyway. The nurse said with the fever and the congestion my Littlest Girl should come in, so they could rule out bronchitis or pneumonia. (sigh) I made the appointment.

When we got there, the nurse took her temp. She said it was 98.6. She had a new-fangled thermometer that took maybe .75 seconds to register. I knew she was wrong. When I took the Littlest Girl's temp this morning at 8:00, it was at 100. I gave her ibuprofen, but that had been 5 hours ago. Her fever would be climbing again.

The doctor takes a look at her. Listens to her chest, checks her ears and throat, says it's probably a virus. That's fine. He doesn't want to give her any meds. I'm overjoyed he doesn't want to give her meds. I tell him I don't believe his new-fangled thermometer, and he says he doesn't either. The one we have at home is probably more accurate. (LOVE this guy at this point.) Tells me to call back if her fever hasn't broke by Friday.

Go to the store, come home, put her to bed. No meds since 8:00 am. Measure her temp this afternoon. 98 degrees. Just measured again. 97.7 degrees.

Just goes to show, all you need is a doctor's appointment to break a fever.

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