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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Why YouTube is Evil

I introduced my girls to that cute, "Charlie Bit Me" video on YouTube. I'm not really remembering the reason right now. Maybe it was because My Littlest Girl spontaneously busts out with an English accent on occasion. Maybe it was because it was the only G rated thing I could remember being on YouTube. I can't recall.

Anyway, My Littlest Girl and I were enjoying some time together yesterday, and we were quoting that video. And she couldn't get the accent down, so we came down and watched it. Like, 5,6,10 times. Because it's cute. And she got the accent and we moved on. (Because I'm a perfectionist and my 4 year old needs to have a proper English accent if we're going to imitate little English boys on YouTube.)

Fast forward to today. They had a babysitter come stay with them for a couple of hours this afternoon. One that they LOVE. My Indian Princess was chatting with her. My Littlest Girl decides to join in the conversation. She walks up to My Indian Princess, and bites her on the back. Nice little teeth marks and welts and stuff. When asked why she did this, she said, "Because the Indian Princess was standing next to me."

And I know that's a legitimate reason to bite someone, because really. If we can't bite people we stand next to on the bus/train/grocery store line, what defense do we have??

But I still have to wonder if YouTube had a little something to do with it...


  1. Haha :)
    Love the new layout by the way :)

  2. Thanks! I needed a change. Hope you and Jim have a great weekend!