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Thursday, July 28, 2011


One of our favorite travelling quotes.

Me to my husband, "I'm going crazy!"
My Littlest Girl, "Mom, I want to go with you!"
Me to my Littlest Girl, "Don't worry, honey, you're driving."


  1. Love it! That's a wonderful quote. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to make it out of motherhood with my sanity intact. That is, if it was ever there to start!

    A favorite from our vacation:

    At a stop light at the end of our road trip and my husband was salivating over his Chipotle sighting.

    I rolled the window down and took a fresh breath of non-roadtrip funked air and said, "Ah! That smells good!"

    "You're smelling Chipotle!" my husband said quickly.

    "I'm definitely not smelling Chipotle," I responded. Nothing good comes from the rice burrito place.

    He gestured to the Jiffy Lube on the opposite corner from Chipotle and said, "Well, you certainly aren't smelling Jiffy Lube!"

    The tickled my funny bone and I started giggling about the scent of oil changes.

    Uno picked up on the giggles and chirped from the back seat:

    "That smells like chicken boobs?"

  2. Too funny! Thanks for sharing!