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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Proper Fan Installlation

*** Special from the Husband****

I put ceiling fans in two of the upstairs bedrooms recently. They were made in China. The instructions said that I should do certain operations "aslantly,"

Now, I'm not sure what differentiates "aslant" operations from non-aslant operations. I do know that CS Lewis would be pissed if anything were done "non aslantly." So I must figure this out. Does this have to do with body hair and leonine features? I've got the body hair part. The leonine features less so. Or does it have to do with the habit of disappearing and reappearing at crucial moments (which I've also managed to master.)

Perhaps the readers can give insight into Narnain work ethics. I am at a loss.

Yours in all Aslantness,

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