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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"And if I Leave Quietly, I'll Get my Summer Bonus"

My daughter's beloved baby needed washing.
It was filthy.

I put it in the washing machine some time in the afternoon, but forgot about the laundry until after dinner.

I realized my mistake at bedtime.

My Littlest Girl asked for baby.
I told her it was in the washing machine.
It wasn't dry yet.

She didn't care.
She wanted her baby.

I went down and got it for her.

It was damp, but acceptable in the eyes of my daughter.
She looked at me with appreciation.

And then I knew.

Nobody puts Baby in the dryer.

At least not at bedtime.


  1. Great post and thanks for entering for the pearls! Good luck!

  2. This post was awesome! Reminds me of our house, we have to be careful what time of day we choose to wash "R.K. Bunny" so that he will be cleaned and dried by bedtime. Trying to offer stand-in bunnies or other animals usually results in the animal being thrown and a distrustful look.

  3. Thank you! And thanks for stopping by!