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Thursday, July 7, 2011


So, I made homemade yogurt yesterday.

Why? Would you ask, and rightly so?

Because my husband is allergic to dairy, and I was trying to make some coconut yogurt he could enjoy.

I have come a long way from the kid who filled up her schedule with everything I could so that I wouldn't have to come home and help with dinner. (Sorry, Mom!) Do I like to cook? Not really. Have I learned how to cook? I think so. Am I a cook? No. I can read, so I read recipes and try to follow them to the best of my ability.

Coconut yogurt is made with coconut milk, some probiotics, gelatin, and some heat. That's really all there is to it. Oh. And faith that even though you let the stuff sit out on the counter all night long, it won't kill you if you eat it.

It didn't turn out great. Kinda runny. I think it was the type of coconut milk I used. And if you're interested in the details, comment and I'll tell you about it. For the rest of you, that's probably all you wanted to know. Or not.

I froze it into popsicles, and I froze a small container of it for smoothies. There is a large container of it in the fridge. I'm not really sure how long it will last. Hubby is grateful that I made the effort, I'm not sure he's excited about the actual product.

So I will try again. Cuz I'm stubborn that way. It may not be yogurt, but I will try to find something else he can enjoy now that he is dairy free. And egg free. And meat free.

Salad, anyone?

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  1. I've tried making yogurt from raw cow's milk - it was horribly runny - and from raw goat's milk. It tasted awful. Really, truly awful. Let us know how the next batch goes - because I quit!