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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Quotes from the Littlest Girl

My Littlest Girl constantly entertains us with the stuff that comes out of her mouth.
Here are a few recent excerpts of her exceptionally imaginative mutterings.

Littlest Girl:
Mom, I'm going to pretend I have friends!

Me:  Sweetie, you're so cute.
Littlest Girl:  And I talk a lot too!!


Playing Duck Duck Goose with friends.
Littlest Girl:  Goose me!  Goose me!

Littlest Girl:  Mom, I don't want it to be Sunday.  Ya know why?
Me:  Uh, no.
Littlest Girl:  Because on Sunday we die.  And I don't want to die.  That wouldn't be good.


Naked Littlest Girl
Me:  Did you get too hot in your bed?
Littlest Girl:  No.  I got too hot in my pajamas.

Littlest Girl:  Mom, can we do the Kylie Minogue kisses?
The one where we rub noses?

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