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Monday, January 16, 2012

Purple Freckles!!

My Littlest Girl says whatever is on her mind.

Last night, we were playing the Memory Game.  This one had a Dora theme.  All the cards had characters from the Dora show.  At one point, every time we flipped a card over, My Littlest Girl yelled, "Grasshopper!"  It didn't matter if it was Benny, the Big Red Chicken, Dora or Diego.  Everyone was Grasshopper.  This went on until the game was over.  And then some.

Tonight, we were wrestling on the floor.  I gradually became aware that every time she got shot through the air, she yelled, "Chicken Little!"  I have no idea why.  But for the last 10 minutes, all I've heard is "Chicken Little" as she goes flying into her Daddy's arms.

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