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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Not Easy Being Green

We had a visitor this week at our house.
Actually, one of the high school boys at our church found this little guy.
Somehow, we ended up with it after the Sunday service. And we brought him back to our house.

My Indian Princess made him feel right at home by tossing him 5 feet in the air and letting him land in the pool. I don't know if frogs can have heart attacks, but I'm sure this one was contemplating one.

The girls tried to keep him in a plastic bottle, but there really wasn't enough room for him.
We found the old glass jar we used for dog treats. They added rocks, water, a little grass, and some ants. It was perfect.

On Monday, my Littlest Girl stopped being so "girly" and held the frog for the first time. (I was so proud.)
I let them know that frogs have to eat. And two ants in one day is not enough. My husband was my hero when he filled a saucer with honey and took it out to the ant colony that lives in our yard. He showed the girls how to trap the ants so we could feed the frog.

Then they took our friend out in the backyard to get some exercise. Now, far be it for me to micromanage the playing with of frogs. And since we lost a caterpillar in their room last week, I'm SUPER comfortable if they want to take the frog outside. I didn't even warn them to be careful or the frog might run away. I mean, who am I to be frog dictator?

About 15 minutes later, I hear both of the girls. "Here, Froggy! Frog! Come back, Frog!" My Indian Princess informs me that her frog was taking a walk. But they couldn't find him. And I had to stop myself from rushing out there to join the hunt. Ok. That might be a lie.

Froggy was never found. My husband and I aren't positive the cats next door found a tasty appetizer. (Who doesn't like frog legs?) But the girls were very, very excited to have a pet for a day. And hopefully, we can find another frog to fill their jar. Or not.

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