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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I have a great, very firm, mattress on my bed. The bed is close to 10 years old. I should obviously be used to it by now.

But, a year or two ago, we put a memory foam topper on top of it. I don't remember why. It didn't really affect me, or so I thought.

Last week, after taking off my electric mattress pad, I also took off the topper. It makes the mattress so thick that I have ripped the seams out of my fitted sheets.

That night, I noticed how hard my mattress felt. And the next morning, my shoulders, hips and neck all complained that I slept on a sheet of rock. They are a whiny bunch.

I told my husband how sore I was and his answer was, "Ha. Ha. You're getting old. Put the topper back on." To which I replied, "Uh. No." My stubbornness has made for a few sore mornings, but I'm getting used to it again.

I WILL not succumb to old people comforts until I have to. And although I have given up on some things. This will not be one. At least not this week.

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