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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


My Indian Princess was Student of the Week at her school awhile ago. It was a very fun experience. On the last day she got to take a mama and baby bear home for the weekend. Complete with journal and instructions to write about all the fun they had for those two days. This was a task we took very seriously.

When they first came home, she set about making them warm and comfortable.
Because bears are naturally cold blooded and need extra warmth in a house that is heated to 68 degrees.

Then she built them a kennel.
Or cell.
Or whatever those enclosures at the zoo are called.
I think she called it a kennel.

But the project that took the most time:
A tree house for the bears.
With a slide.
Hanging from her bedroom wall.
So she could sleep with them.
She was very proud of her tree house.
And I was proud of her.
She did a good job taking care of her bears.
And I apparently take documenting to another level.
Our journal entry for the weekend was a full page, front and back.
Other, normal parents, kept it to a few paragraphs.
You can never over explain about a weekend with bears.
I promise.

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