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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Deep Ramblings

Sorry I've been so sporadic in writing. I started this blog simply as a way to enter a photography contest, never imagining I would write stuff in it on a semi-regular basis. I like to write, but it doesn't drive me. I like to document. I like to come back to it later and read what I was doing or thinking at that time. And I suck at keeping a journal. A blog makes me feel more accountable somehow.

Anyway, the reason why I haven't written much is mainly this: I'm at the tail end of the high school volleyball season. One of the busiest I've ever had. And because I am so undisciplined, when I get home, I would rather read than write. Or watch TV or something. I really don't have time to process in writing the stuff I feel right now.

But that will change soon. Volleyball will end. My daughter will not be Student of the Week. My house will clean itself. The TV will break. The internet will crash.

And then the holidays will present themselves. At that point, I will probably just stop by and ask for Thanksgiving recipes and Christmas present ideas. Maybe post a picture or two.

It seems things are changing. I don't know if it's for the season. Or if it's for life. As much as I would like to someday be recognized for some kind of stellar literary piece, this blog exists for me. Not I for it.

Many of the blog writers I follow have stopped writing as much, too. I would love to know why. But my guess is since they are mostly moms, the school year is taking their breath away. And they have a life that transcends blog entries. And as much as I miss them, I understand all too well.

I do want to continue this, as a way to boast about God and what He has done for me. To ask for advice, to show you pictures of my girlies. But I am not driven to do it daily right now.

I hope you understand.

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