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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Life with Minnie

Now that she's home, here's what she's doing:

Licking the water from the dishwasher.
She almost climbed inside at one point.

I was comparing her to the size of my foot.
I have GINORMOUS feet, but she's still pretty small.
4 pounds, to be exact.
(I wonder if that means my feet are 4 pounds, too...)

Belly scratchin time.

After bath.
(On a side note, does anyone have advice for teaching a dog not to eat her own feces?
Thanks in advance.)

Making new friends.
Prince Eric lost a few fingers in the encounter.
Minnie thought they were making out.

On the plus side, the girls have never been so vigilant about putting their toys away.

1 comment:

  1. Laura, Have you checked at the pet store? There is a product that you can put on her food to help her not eat the after effects. I'll check with and see if they have any suggestions and let you know.