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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 3: The Diversion

As well as all the kids got along, they still needed something to do.  So we took them to a regional zoo in the area.  It was a perfect day.  The weather was not too hot, the kids loved the animals, and no one got lost or sick.  Although the Indian Princess hurt her knee on the playground. Here are some pictures.  And you can check out my friends' pictures on her website here.

They were terrified of the bears.

Dad, thoroughly enthralled with the snake show.
Or not.

These signs were the highlight of the zoo, according to the kids.
8 kids + 5 signs =multiple variations of friends.

I think it was mating season for the peacocks.
I've never seen such pomp.

All of our chickadees.
Safe in the biggest nest I've ever seen.

The zoo had kangaroos, which I had never seen close up.  They also had a few wolves, which were scarily interested in a couple of the littler kids.  They paced and smelled and followed them, their ears pricked up and their eyes totally focused.  I was never so thankful for high wire fencing.  They even had a little aquarium, which is My Littlest Girl's favorite part in every zoo.

Good day, good friends.

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