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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Big Weekend for My Littlest Girl

Last week My Littlest Girl went to dance camp.
The first day, she was anxious.
She said she would miss us.
It took a couple of tries to help her realize dance camp wasn't an all-nighter.
Just a couple of hours a day.
Once she figured that out she was all in.
At the end of camp, the dancers got to perform in a local art fair.

This was My Littlest Girl before her performance.
She might have been a little nervous.

But once the music started, she couldn't be stopped.
(It was a scarf dance.  She was a Sprout.
Yes.  People infinitely more creative than me come up with these things.)

She loved the experience and couldn't stop talking about ballet the rest of the weekend.  
And then some.

But on Monday, she had more to talk about.

Can anyone figure out what this is?
(Without looking at the answer at the bottom?)

Nope.  It's not a doll hand...

It's her tooth! 

It seems her teeth come out a pair at a time.
But this was the strangest tooth I had ever seen.
I had never noticed it when it was in her mouth.
I might have to ask the Tooth Fairy to give it back. 

This week we are back to our normal schedule.
No driving to the next town for dance lessons, 
or lunches out, 
or really, really good naps.

But I'm okay with that.

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