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Thursday, May 30, 2013

May 2013 Update

I know, I know.  It's almost the end of May.  Where's the spontaneity of a mid-month update?  Where's the disorganized rambling that we've come to know and expect from the Laura-chick?  Well.  Don't worry.  The pictures will explain why...

School project of my Indian Princess.  
An astronaut helmet.  
She needed to wear it to do homework.
She likes science.  
I'm happy.

Inter-school track meet with other Christian school around the area.
I'm so glad they make the effort to do stuff like this.
Yes.  She competed wearing a Dora necklace.
You'll understand if you have girls.

Notice a similar head-tilt in all of My Littlest Girl's pictures?
She has a look she's perfecting.
This was at her kindergarten graduation program. 
Which we were almost late for. 
Because we were at her dance dress rehearsal.
That we cut out early for.  
(Forgive my poor grammar.  It's a blog, dang it.  Not a college entry exam.)
My Indian Princess is hidden in this picture, too.
Can you find her?

Clearly she's nervous about her dance recital.

This one skateboards, skis, rides bikes, climbs trees, ziplines, rock climbs, pogo sticks(?), etc.
How did she hurt it?
In our living room.

School project.
It's an umbrella.
I tried to wait until she left the room before I giggled.
Is that mean?

The last day of school.
Do they look different from their first day?
My heart.

Coming soon.  June 2013 update.
Spoiler:  We get a dog!!

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