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Friday, April 12, 2013

Our Month in Review

Because I don't tend to follow general timelines, I am going to do our month in review.  Now.  April 12.  Enjoy.

We got a coconut from our co-op.  The girls were fascinated when we opened it up.  They decided they wanted cups made from coconuts, but they weren't stable.  So they affixed them to a...cup.

We decided to go to Vegas for Spring Break.  Way cheaper than Florida, although we missed our Mema and Papa.  The flight was late.  This was what time we got to the hotel.  The time is A.M.  The girls look no worse for wear, but over the next few days there was slight evidence of lack of sleep.

A tour of an aquarium.

My favorite, Hoover Dam.  
(Not my favorite picture of us, but the only one with all of us in it.)

With two beautiful girls and myriads of dead Barbies.

The girls have decided to try soccer again this spring.  
It was in the upper 50's for their first practices and games.  
Notice the date.

The girls were home from school for two days because of this.
Notice the date.  

This is what transpired the first day.  
I think they missed the spring weather.

  The second day they upped their games.  
Costumes and rollerblades.  
And fingerpaint.  
At the same time.
I was too frightened to take a picture.

Thankfully, the roads opened back up and we could get back to our regularly scheduled life.  Except for soccer.  It would have taken at least a week to get the 18 inches of snow melted and the ground dry enough for games.  But it's snowing again today.  With snow in the forecast for the next week.  And no one is complaining.

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