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Saturday, May 25, 2013


I pitted and dried/froze 24 pounds of cherries today.  In the process, three things were made clear to me:

1)  Cherries deteriorate quickly once the pit has been removed from the fruit.  I'm sure there's a deep metaphorical story I could extrapolate, but I'm too covered in cherry juice to find it.

2)  In ranking all the tools for cherry pitting, the pitting tool is #1, my fingernails are #2, and a paperclip is #3.  Only because I am not coordinated enough to use a paperclip.  And as long as my fingernails don't bend backwards digging in.  Which happened.
A few times.
No, that's not blood.
That's cherry juice.

3)  There was a huge amount of twin cherries in my haul.  I was really surprised at all the fully grown twins and the cherries with one large fruit and one withered fruit attached to it.  Again.  I'm sure there's deep meaning in that somewhere.  See above.

But this cherry has them all beat:

It's a triplet.  Like the three pound chicken breasts at Sam's Club, I'm sure this phenomenon is completely normal and natural.  No genetic mutations at all.

The good news is, I only have 16 pounds more to go.

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