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Friday, March 18, 2011

American idol

You shall have no other gods before me.

One of the ten commandments. One that I apparently have been subconsciously thinking on. Because most of my deep thoughts happen in the shower. Or in my twilight sleep just before I go to bed or just as I am waking. And my deep thought for the day, while I was getting into the shower, was a paradigm shift. At least for me. I am no theologian. Not even close. So forgive the simpleness of my thoughts.

Anyway. We who were raised in the church have heard this commandment. We have heard of the idols-money, power, accomplishment, other people, etc. All things we are to put after God, not before. This morning I realized that really, the idols are idols because we make ourself an idol. Lemme explain. Money, power, accomplishment, other people are not evil. They are not idols. Unless we make them idols. And our decision to make them idols stems from our decision to put ourselves before God. We are the idol we are running from.

I understand the Buddhist idea of "I want to become nothing." because that is the opposite of making ourself an idol. It ignores the God-given worth we have, but I understand it better now. (I do not condone Buddhism.)

I guess this is all coming from articles and blogs and comments I am reading from people who put themselves before God. I know. Shocker that people would actually do that. Especially people who have rejected God. But there are some who are Christians, who have turned the Bible upside down, to their advantage. Who want God to be what they want Him to be. Not who He says He is. And although we can't put God in a box, neither can we ignore what He says about Himself. He was, He is, He is to come. Forget death and taxes, God is our only constant. Our beliefs that He is other than that is either arrogance, ignorance, or conflict avoidance.

I know I'm a list person. Somewhat black and white. I love that in my reformed faith, things are spelled out. I love the clarity of God the reformed elders seek. I love that we define scripture with scripture. I love that we don't add, and we don't take away. I love that God is sovereign. In control. Unchanging.

I wonder what He does when people try and smudge His word into their agenda. Is He amused? Is He angry? My guess leans towards the latter. Anyone who doesn't speak truth about God is leading others away from Him. How is that good? I am totally fine with doing something difficult in the short term to reap the benefits in the long term. I am distraught that people are telling lies about my God. And feeding our egos. And helping us become better idols. And contrary to my "judgemental" rant, I am one of those people.

So, excuse me while I go ponder my idol attitude. I really thought it was OTHER stuff that got in the way of putting God first. Now I realize it is ME that is getting in the way.

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