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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's Picture Time

Today we went to JCPs to get our annual family picture out of the way...I mean, taken. Things went surprisingly smooth. I am much less exhausted than usual. I guess that is a benefit to having older children. I have a beautiful new haircut I was trying to show off, but it just looks like my normal UFO hair. I'm going to have to go to beauty school just so I can figure out how to be presentable.
Another appointment we attended to was our accountant. I know, loads of fun. I couldn't agree more. I love getting this stuff done. Makes me feel like an adult. OH, and a new law went into effect this year. We may get some money back on our adoptions. Originally we didn't make enough to get any money back, it was considered a tax credit. Now, we may be able to qualify for almost 2/3 of it. I will be d0ing a little happy dance if that actually happens.

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