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Thursday, August 15, 2013

August Update 2013

Where does the time go?  (Do I sound old now?)
It's already August 15 and I haven't updated you on our exciting lives.
Well, here goes.

The girls having a garage sale.
I was especially impressed by the way they made a hanger bar out of their toys.
As I look at the date, I see that this was actually taken in July.
Forgive me.

Every year about this time we get a few motorcycle riders in town.
My girls and I went home to Iowa to avoid the traffic.
While we were there, we made a side trip to Kansas City.

We saw my grandma.

We went to the Deanna Rose Children's Farm.
I think it's silly to pay to see a farm, seeing as how I'm from the Midwest.
But another blogger recommended it, and I'm glad we went.
My girls aren't ready for World's of Fun yet.
This was much more their speed.
Plus they learn valuable skills.

Like milking a cow.

Catching a fish.
(And huge props to my mom for putting worms on the hooks.  
Still not my favorite thing to do.)

Feeding bottles to baby goats.

Papa relaxing on the front porch of a very nice garden shed.
You know it's Papa, because his shirt says,
"Papa, the man, the myth, the legend."

My little sprouts and a cousin.

Later in the week, we headed to Des Moines.
I took the girls to the same science center I went to in the 5th grade.
This swinging pendulum clock was still there after all these years.
But we didn't get to see a rattlesnake being fed a live mouse.

We did try our hand at weather reporting though.  Along with rocket ship making, sound wave experimenting and IMAX butterfly movie watching.  Oh.  And lunch at The Cheesecake Factory.
Definitely a successful outing.

This is the car I drove in high school.
Dad just fixed her up again.
She looks way better at her age than I do at mine.

I was going to show you my senior picture.
You know, the one where I lay across my cool car.
But I can't find it.
So here's another one.

Just pretend that deck is my car.

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