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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ah, The Places Minnie Has Been

So with a new family member, I might have to dedicate a post or two for her.  I know my kids are cute and all, but you may need a break.  So, here is a poem, to the tune of Old Mother Hubbard.  I don't know why.

She went to the groomer to get her a, uh, groom.

She sat on a lap to watch the cars vroom.

She checked out the dashboard to catch her some rays.

She felt the wind blowing one hot summer day.

She jumped on a boat and set out for sea.

She checked out some ponies, with a little monkey.
(No, she's not in the picture, you'll have to trust me.)

She's walking and swimming and napping for sure,
She can't hardly wait for the next adventure.

The girls are excited whenever we go,
Their family member they've so much to show.

The End.

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