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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gummy Snowmen

We have guests coming in a week.  Ones that are paying to rent our house.  So I have been deep cleaning like I've never done before.  (Flashdance, people.)

One of the things that I resigned myself to doing was taking off the stickers that my Indian Princess placed on our windows at least three years ago.  Back when I let them put stickers on things other than paper.  
Needless to say, these stickers were sun burned on to the windows really well.

This guy had a partner in crime.  I had already scratched him off with a razor blade.  
You can see his remains if you look hard enough.  
This window, by the way, is on our front door.

These butterflies graced our living room windows for at least as long as our snowmen.


(Yes, that is my awesome scooter in the front yard.  Be jealous.  Very, very jealous.)

I'll miss these tokens of toddlerhood my girls had created.  
But I don't think the nine men that are staying here will be quite as sentimental.

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