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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tonight. A Poem. Maybe.

Daddy was gone.
I started a fire in the fire pit.
We roasted hot dogs.
And ate in the tree house.

And when the evening was over.
My Littlest Girl pushed my Indian Princess to the ground.
For no reason.
And got sent to her room.
While the Indian Princess picked up random toys
That she thought would make me happy
And yet still get away with doing as little as possible.

When she was done
I sent my Littlest Girl to pick up her toys.
Any toys that might be damaged if it rained tonight.
And when she was done.
I checked for both of their toys.
And came in with 3 baskets of toys/dishes/clothes
That they missed.

I told them they would have to do chores
To get them back.
And I could tell
They were weighing their options.
Did they really want to do chores?
Or give up their toys?
They weren't sure.

So I told them
They would do chores for me
Because I do.not.want
3 baskets of their toys/dishes/clothes
Collecting dust on top of the bookshelf.
And they both sighed.
And said, "Yes, Mommy."
And my blood pressure returned to normal.

The End.

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