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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lance the Turtle

My Indian Princess and her daddy had taken a ride in the pickup.  While they were gone, they found something on the side of the road.  Daddy told me later he must have looked like a crazy person the way he was zigzagging through the grass and onto the road.  This is what they brought home:

Yes.  Their very own pet.  It's not as good as a dog.  But it will do.  For now.  

They named it Lance.  After the turtle in Veggie Tales.  It's my favorite silly song.  If you haven't seen it, look it up on YouTube.  
But it's original name was Puddles.  I guess they have a nasty way of defending themselves when being picked up.

He has taken up residence in the girls' pool since these pictures.  Their pool is now filled with rotting cabbage, bloated baby carrots, and rancid lunchmeat.  And some rocks.  Apparently, turtles are also good for salmonella.  The girls don't seem to mind.  And I'm diligent to point to the bathroom sink when they come in so they don't spread the sweetness.

I have to admit, I kinda like Lance.  He's much easier to care for than a dog, doesn't shed in the house, and you only have to feed him once a month or so.  
Someday, he'll end up in the pond down the street.  But for right now, we are content to have him as our guest.

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