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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Marriage of Bubba and Frenchie

We went to a wedding reception this weekend.  It was beautiful and a lot of fun.  We explained to the girls that the wedding happened somewhere else, and now we were celebrating with the bride, groom, and their families.  We had a nice time, came home.  I was doing something, my husband was outside.

The girls came to me and said, "Mom, we've been making cakes outside.  They are your wedding cakes.  You and Daddy are going to get married.  Let's get you ready."  So I got up, let them lead me to my room, and stepped into the "dressing room."  I proceeded to receive three dresses, complete with shoes, to try on for my wedding dress.  We decided on one.  They asked if I would like my makeup done, and of course I said yes.  (My makeup bag will never be the same.)  My oldest did hair, my youngest brought jewelry.  I also received a homemade bouquet. When I was ready, they locked me in my room, and told me to wait.

Then they went and got Daddy.  He came out of the garage, was led into the spare room, and given clothes to wear.  When he was ready, we met in the hallway.  We danced in the bedroom.  We had a beautiful time.  But it wasn't enough for the girls.

They insisted that we have the wedding outside.  It was sunny and warm.  They wanted an outdoor wedding.  We suggested the backyard.  They said no.  They wanted our sidewalk as an aisle.  And the cakes were out there.  So Daddy and I stepped outside, looked both ways, hoping none of our neighbors were outside, and waited for directions.  They sent him to the end of the sidewalk to wait for me.  We walked together towards him.  Me as the bride, they as the bridesmaids.  My Littlest Girl told us we were married, and we could kiss.  So we did.

Then Daddy and I walked quickly but nonchalantly back to the cover of the front porch, and fed each other mud wedding cakes.  Which were delicious.

If you're looking for a wedding planner, I would suggest these two.  


  1. I love this story. You & Brian are such good sports. Your girls will remember this fun time.

    Aunt Betty

  2. I love it! Such fun. So... did the neighbors see??? :)

  3. Nobody has said anything yet.