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Monday, May 28, 2012

Garage Sale!

I'm having a garage sale next weekend.

When I was a kid, sometimes I would come home and some of my stuff would be gone.  My mom was really good at making sure we didn't have any clutter.  I think I became a little possessive of my stuff because of that. Sorry, Mom.  It backfired.

So I'm not really keen on tossing/giving away stuff that belong to my girls without getting their OK first.  That being said, let me show you their play area:

Because I am having a garage sale next weekend, I have given them the chance to decide what they want to sell.  I have told them (a few times) to go and pick out 5 things they want to sell or give away to someone who might not have toys.

Tonight, I gave them that chance.  Again.

This is what my Indian Princess picked out.  Let me give you the deets.  One Matchbox car, one regular car, one zebra that was an accessory to a book we threw out 3 years ago, a one inch sponge animal that made it's way out of the tub toys downstairs.  It is probably growing mold on it.  And a purple dolphin.  Another bath toy that migrated to the pool last winter, and is now neglected in the basement.  Together, these things can fit in my hand.

My Littlest Girl fared better.  She is selling a princess dress (which is killing me because my husband bought it for her just this past October), a flashlight that doesn't work anymore, a heart shaped wire basked that she bought at a garage sale last year, a plastic fork with bent tines, and a freebie makeup bag I gave her to use as a purse.  (Ask me what she uses for a purse. Yeah.  A plastic bag.)

As I said, I'm not keen on sneaking away with their toys without their looking.  But my garage sale is next weekend.  And I'm getting desperate.  Do you think if I have them selling cookies and lemonade they'll realize half of their stuffed animal collection is in boxes in the yard?  Will I have to hold a hysterical girl back while a forgotten Pillow Pet gets the loving it deserves?  Stay tuned.

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