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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

If you remember, we tend to get a little crazy (on Halloween).  Or just all the time.  Depends on the coffee intake for the day.

That being said, we hope you have a great Halloween season.  Because after Halloween comes Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Then birthdays around here.  We spend 6 months celebrating something.  And 6 months recuperating.

Anyway.  Since there's snow on the ground, the girls have started singing Christmas songs.  They even mentioned putting up a little tree.  I quickly rejected that idea.  As I have before.  I will stick to my guns this time though.  Considering it's October...

So, being as I have a cold.  And my husband told me I am writing like a Chinese person writing as someone who uses English as a second language.  I'll go now.

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