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Friday, April 22, 2011

Things She Said

Cute things my daughter has said in the last 24 hours:

We were at the store getting last minute items for my husband's birthday. She saw someone with a balloon.

E, "Mom, we didn't get a balloon for Dad!"
Me, "You're right."
E, thinking for a bit, "I know! I will give him my old balloon. 'Cuz he's getting old, too!"

Recently the girls spent the night with their grandmother. As we were leaving that night, she had tears in her eyes, but was trying to be brave. They did great with grandma. After the sleepover, we were in the car.

E, "Mom, I didn't miss you."
Me, "I'm glad, honey. I missed you. We talked about you while you were gone."
E, "What did you say?"
Me, "I don't know. Just talked about you, that's all."
E, "Did you say, 'E's a genius?"
Me, "Um. Yeah. You're a genius, and J is a prodigy. That's what we said, all right!"

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